Scottish Peace Network – Statement of Purpose

The Scottish Peace Network is a network of groups in Scotland coming from a variety of different traditions which are united in opposing militarism and share a common vision for a peaceful Scotland. We will coordinate and jointly organise opposition to:

  • the possession, use or threat to use nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.
  • all military aggression, in particular any armed aggression against others by our own government, alone or within NATO or any such military alliance.
  • economic dependence on the production and trade of weapons systems that might be used to repress free expression, commit human rights violations or kill innocent human beings.

SPN Statement on the Centenary of the First World War

The SPN will coordinate activities in Scotland to commemorate the terrible destruction and loss of life, to recognise the vision and commitment of those who resisted war, and to remember that the Allied victory and settlement at Versailles set the scene for a century of endless, often genocidal war.

We oppose Prime Minister David Cameron’s attempt to equate commemoration of the First World War with the Queen’s Jubilee and the London Olympics, as an opportunity to “celebrate Britishness’’. The war that arose out of imperialist rivalries and was promoted as the war to end all wars, resulted in the senseless mass slaughter of countless millions, including one million from the United Kingdom and around the world who were subjects of the British Empire. We are deeply concerned that the government plans to use the Centenary to rewrite the history of the war as “a good war” and bolster a militaristic nationalism rather than to learn the lesson that war is not the way to resolve conflict or create conditions for peace.