November 8 Rememberance Day Vigil

The Scottish Peace Network is organising a vigil to protest the glorification of war inherent in the official Remembrance Day ceremonies. We will  be gathering at 10:30 on Sunday, November 8, at parliament square along the royal mile in Edinburgh. Shortly afterward, a march organised by British Legion will pass by on the way to a wreath laying ceremony attended by various dignitaries.

Everyone welcome to our peaceful protest. We will have a banner and placards but you are welcome to bring your own. We will be distributing the following flyer:

Remembering . .


A century ago we were in the throes of a world war that still had another three years to run – three years in which millions more would die. The population was fooled or forced into backing a senseless and brutal conflict by powerful states competing for markets and influence.


In our own day the same pattern is being repeated. NATO, to which the UK belongs, to has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq as well as using military violence in many other places. As before, the real motivations for warfare are hidden by spin and falsehoods.


Depressing? It is certainly sobering but there is another thread connecting the two eras which offers hope –a thread that only appears rarely in mainstream accounts. In both centuries there has been resistance to warmongering, for example in Scotland through worker strikes, mass public protests and conscientious objection to fighting.

And there is a new hunger among ordinary people here for a different way of being in the world – a way that responds to human need across the globe, that puts co-operation above competition, that actually cares about the planet and its future, that wants investment in the paths to peace instead of the machinery of murder. That road demands that we leave NATO and form peaceful connections across the world and, by scrapping Trident, share in the global move to ban nuclear weapons.


So let’s make sense of the anniversary with a respectful nod to the past and a new determination to build a saner world.

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