SPN Minute 28.8.19

Apologies – Jean Rafferty , Rae Brady
Present – Karen Ewing , Eric Chester , Susan Dorazoi , Sean Clerkin , Duncan McIntyre , Margaret Forbes
1 Date of next Glasgow vigil confirmed as Thursday September 26
Agreed to have Paisley vigil on Thursday September 19 at 1 pm at memorial at Paisley Cross .
Agreed Arthur West would copy some leaflets on Iran for the Paisley and Glasgow Vigil .
Noted that Mary Alice Mansell had a supply of card which could be used for leaflets .
Agreed that Arthur and Mary Alice would liaise on the use of this card for leaflets .

2 Noted that a demonstration is taking place at the Scottish Parliament on September 3rd at 6 pm .
Demo is around a meeting an MSP is having with a representative from Lockheed Martin .

3 Sean Clerkin highlighted that the Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise appear to be providing support and resources to companies involved in the Arms Trade .
It was noted that this assistance under the heading of support to diversification activities .
However it was noted that there seemed to be no guarantees about how money paid to companies was used
Discussion took place about the possibility of activities taking place which focussed on Scottish Enterprise’s role in supporting companies involved in the Arms Trade .
Also the possibilities of protests at Raytheon was discussed .
Agreed to try and get Edinburgh Campaign Against the Arms Trade to attend the next Network meeting – to discuss these issues further

4 Noted that Climate Strike will take place on September 20 . Noted that Scottish CND and Scottish Peace Network will support these protests

5 Noted that next No to War / No to NATO working group meeting takes place on Wednesday September 11 at 230 pm in Scottish CND office .

6 Information provided on Helensburgh CND conference taking place on Saturday September 7

7 Noted that the Scottish Peace Network have a slot at the Edinburgh World Justice Festival on Friday October.
Noted that the title for the event is Opposing Pro War policies and modern day threats such as climate change
Agreed to have a film and possibly a few speakers at the event .

8 Noted that the network has 168 pounds in the Bank
Agreed that renewal date for organisations and individuals to make an annual donation to the network should be November .
Noted that donation level for individuals was 10 pounds and that the level for organisations was 30 pounds.
9 Agreed to put White Poppies and Remembrance Day on the agenda of next meeting .
10 Duncan McIntyre said that he was still trying to develop website and was attending a session on wordpress in the next few weeks .
11 Agreed date of next meeting would take place on Wednesday October 9 at 2 pm in Quaker Meeting House

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