1914 – 2014: No More Wars

Remembering the Devastation of the First World War
Gather at the Donald Dewar Statue at 9:30am, 4th August at the Pedestrian Precinct, Buchanan St, Glasgow

conscientious-objectors dyce campThe Scottish Peace Network will gather in Glasgow to call for an end to all wars as the government holds its first Commemoration of the First World War. All welcome.

Please note the earlier time of 9:30am gathering for picking up leaflets for distribution around the city Centre. Someone will be there until 10:30am. Groups will be going out from there to various points in the City Centre to distribute leaflets. More details to follow. Please watch this space.

While honouring the memory of those who died we will remember the terrible loss of life and refuse to glorify the war. We will remember that Generals sent millions of men to be mown down by machine guns only to gain a few yards of ground and that imperial rivals sought to gain or protect economic interests, vying for colonial territories in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

We will also remember the vision and commitment of those who resisted the war: those who filled public squares in Glasgow and London; conscientious objectors who refused to participate in the slaughter and were imprisoned; trade unionists who organised on the Clyde; John Maclean, jailed for condemning the war as a bloody struggle of imperialist rivals; and women such as Crystal MacMillan who campaigned for peace and social justice throughout the war.

Please tell your friends and workmates about this important chance to mark the horror and carnage of the first world war. We encourage you to bring banners, placards and artworks that illustrate visually what the First World War represents for you.

Remembering now, one hundred years on, we call for

No More Wars


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