Scottish Peace Network Counter-Centenary Calendar

This calendar highlights some of the key battles of the First World War and some of the crucial moments marking the growing resistance to the war.

August 4, 1914– start of war

December 24, 1914– Christmas Truce; to be commemorated every year

April 25, 1915– start of the disastrous battle of Gallipoli

May 21, 1915– start of rent strikes in Glasgow area. Women’s Housing Association holds public meeting to protest rent increases and a rent strike is called.

June 27, 1915– Armed Forces Day; to be commemorated every year

November 17, 1915 – mass march of rent strikers to protest evictions. Ten days later, parliament passes bill freezing rents for duration of war and six months after

January 9, 1916– end of Gallipoli; British troops withdraw

March 2, 1916– conscription comes into effect for single men; extended to married men that May

July 1, 1916–battle of Somme begins; bloodiest battle of war with casualties exceeding 1,000,000

November 18, 1916– battle of Somme ends in stalemate

May 27, 1917– units of the French army mutiny with many refusing to go to the Front

July 31, 1917– battle of Passchendaele begins

November 10, 1917– battle of Passchendaele ends

May 1, 1918– tens of thousands march to Glasgow green for May Day and to demand rapid end to war. Wildcat strikes shut down several munitions factories.

May 9, 1918– John Maclean receives five year sentence for opposing the war. Released from jail after mass protests on November 3, 1918, his health seriously damaged.

November 11, 1918– war ends as Germany collapses

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