Stop the Expansion of the War in Syria We Want Peace!

Join us for the April vigil focusing on the War in Syria.

Thursday April 27th 5-6pm at the Dewar Statue, Buchanan St, Glasgow

 The bombing of the al-Shayrat airfield on 7 April, 2017, by the United States government, in retaliation for the chemical weapons attack on civilians three days earlier, could well escalate a war that has killed more than 400,000 people, displaced nearly half of Syria’s population over the past five years, and brought a halt to the Arab Spring democracy movement of 2011.

This intervention by the Trump administration is legitimate grounds for fear among the world’s population.  Posturing and warmongering only make matters worse.  As the forces battling for power regroup and dig in, the number of Syrian casualties, including refugees, will increase.  The Assad regime will likely continue its scorched earth policy against rebels and civilians.  Hostility between Russia and the USA will likely escalate.  The usual militarist model will be set in motion: alliances formed on both sides, dissent repressed, resisters brutalised, politicians making deals.

Under these circumstances, the response by our global peace and justice movement will be critical.

Are there actions we can take right now to shift the focus from war and world domination to peace and social justice?  Yes!

The starting point for protesting this latest assault on Syria is solidarity with the Syrian people.  This includes confronting Westminster on its support of the US action; making plans for all regions of the UK to open their doors to refugees; campaigning for more humanitarian aid for Syria; supporting Syrian democratic dissidents; and protesting against both nuclear and conventional weapons production (including right here in Scotland).

At the same time, such actions as rallies, discussions, and street theatre can take place to share information and speak out for our beliefs.

Along with this goes improving communication and coordination between anti-war networks throughout the world; increasing the visibility of our local groups; and linking up campaigns for housing, education, healthcare, social services, the environment, workers’ right, and human rights.

A commitment to an international perspective– and structures developed and nurtured from the ground up– is the key to changing global society from war, competition, and profit to peace, cooperation, and collectivity.

An economic and social system that provides a high standard of living for people across our world can be created. Perpetual war can become a thing of the past.  Bombs can, and must, stop being dropped on Syria!

The Scottish Peace Network


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