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                      NO JUSTICE NO PEACE


The bitter dispute between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs will not be resolved through violence. Neither the Israeli planes dropping computerised precision bombs on Gaza nor the rockets shot indiscriminately from Gaza into Israel will accomplish anything except to further polarise the situation. A negotiated settlement that deals with the underlying problems is the only way forward.


A stable peace can only occur when fundamental principles of justice are met. A start to the peace process requires a freezing of settlements in the West Bank and the halt to evictions of Arabs in East Jerusalem. Yet this can only be the first step in the process. A lasting peace can only result from an agreement that everyone, no matter what their religion or ethnicity may be, has the same basic rights as every other person in the country. This can only occur within a secular state in which no religion receives special consideration from the government.


We stand with those Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs who seek a just and peaceful resolution to the conflict. U. S. military aid has been instrumental in permitting the Israeli government to continue its oppressive policies toward Arabs within Israel and in the Occupied Territories. We will work with our allies in the peace movement in the United States to bring forward a call to end all military aid to Israel.


Gentex, a U. S. based firm, produces specialised helmets in Stanraer. The helmets are specifically designed for use by pilots flying the F-35 fighter jets, the latest version of fighter jet in the U. S. arsenal.  Israel has purchased several F-35 jets for use in its military sorties. We demand that the UK government ban the sale of armaments and military equipment to Israel. We call upon the Scottish government to declare that an independent Scotland will not permit the production of military equipment and munitions destined for Israel.

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